Figuring out reliable housing statistics

August 26 2018, 12:01am, The Nevin Manimala Sunday Times

Figuring out reliable housing statistics statistics, nevin_manimala, nevin manimala, nevin, manimala

Figures for the completion of new homes in the second quarter of this year have been released by the Central Statistics Office. It was refreshing to see the numbers, which we trust more than those that have been published by the housing department.

I must disclose that I’m a fan of the office. I’m a fan of any organisation that issues reliable statistics. I can while away hours on the website of Eurostat, the body that provides statistical information for the EU. I have expended too much energy envying the UK and US, which both produce many more statistics than we do.

More new homes are being built in Ireland. Figures from the statistics office show that there were 4,419 completions in the second quarter,…

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