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The Fortnite Winter Royale European Finals began December 1st at 12PM ET! Check out the statistics from the North American and European Qualifiers below.

Colin Fogle, Esports Designer at Epic Games working on Fortnite, has shared some very interesting statistics for the Winter Royale North American and European Qualifiers on Twitter.

Statistics include Total Players, Shots Fired, Hours Played, and more. Check them out!

  • 9,200,000 Unique Players
  • 572,014 Matches Played
  • 2,360,000,000 Shots Fired
  • 186,000 Hours Played
  • 13,320,000 Total Points
  • 1,890,000 Fall Damage Deaths
  • 23,100,000,000 Resources Harvested
  • 633,000 Storm Deaths

Fortnite Winter Royale Tournament Statistics - FortniteINTEL nevin manimala

The European Winter Royale Grand Finals have just began at the time of writing. $500,000 in prize money is on the line.

The online open qualifier was massive, as indicated by the above statistics. There are representatives from 24 nations playing in the EU Grand Finals today.

If the previous matches were any indication, this series is sure to be a sight to watch as it will be the top 100 EU players playing today.

Check out Fortnite’s Winter Royale Stream at Who are you rooting for, how has the Winter Royale been from a viewer’s perspective so far?

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