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County hoops statistics leaders posted | Sports - The Fayette Tribune nevin manimala

Listed below are unofficial Fayette County high school basketball statistics through the end of December. Averages and 3-point goals are taken from box scores available to The Fayette Tribune and The Montgomery Herald. Coaches or statisticians who wish to provide changes or updates can do so:

Girls Scoring

Hannah Foster, V, 17.5

Emily Dickerson, MT, 14.2

Cassidy Roles, F, 13.3

MaKenzie Judy, MB, 12.8

Jenny Wilson, MT, 11.8

Chasity Ballenger, MB, 8.3

Gracie Gipson, V, 7.8

Jenna Gladwell, MB, 7.0

Malerie Hendrick, MT, 6.8

Brooke Spangler, F, 6.3

Taylor Oden, V, 5.6

Karli Pomeroy, MB, 5.5

Lillian Claypool, MB, 5.3

Taylor Harrell, MT, 5.3

Kaylee Nickoson, V, 4.5

Meghan Gill, MT, 4.0

Summer Bragg, MB, 3.8

Crystal Coleman, V, 3.8

Kiera Hutchinson, V, 3.4

Girls 3-point goals

Hannah Foster, V, 14

Jenny Wilson, MT, 8

Emily Dickerson, MT, 6

Brooke Spangler, F, 3

Boys Scoring

Luke Vass, F, 28.3

Nathan Hanshew, MT, 20.3

Andrew Work, OH, 19.3

Kobe Rozell, MB, 18.2

Jared Gladwell, MB, 16.8

Adam Falbo, V, 15.3

Austin Isaacs, MT, 14.3

Darrick McDowell, OH, 14.0

Lucca Giannini, V, 12.9

Michael Beasley, OH, 12.0

Quinten DeMello, V, 10.9

Dante Billeter, OH, 10.5

Indy Eades, MT, 9.7

Colin Dempsey, MT, 9.0

Abraham Farrow, OH, 8.9

Ean Crane, MB, 6.3

Caleb Richmond, MB, 6.2

Jason Manns, OH, 6.0

Christian Mack, F, 5.3

Phixeous Gray, OH, 4.8

Zach Winter, V, 4.4

Jimmy Harper, V, 4.0

Lukas Stephens, MB, 4.2

Trevor Harrell, MT, 3.7

Caleb Dixon, F, 3.3

Liam Gill, MT, 3.0

Wyatt Rinehart, F, 3.0

Boys 3-point goals

Jared Gladwell, MB, 13

Luke Vass, F, 11

Lucca Giannini, V, 10

Nathan Hanshew, MT, 10

Michael Beasley, OH, 9

Jason Manns, OH, 9

Phixeous Gray, OH, 8

Austin Isaacs, MT, 8

Quinten DeMello, V, 6

Kobe Rozell, MB, 6

Adam Falbo, V, 5

Dante Billeter, OH, 4

Colin Dempsey, MT, 4

Indy Eades, MT, 4

Lukas Stephens, MB, 4

Britt Armentrout, V, 3

Abraham Farrow, OH, 3

Zach Winter, V, 3

Andrew Work, OH, 3

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