Vital Statistics: Feb. 11, 2019 –

Vital Statistics: Feb. 11, 2019 - nevin manimala



Campomizzi, Craig Jacob, 29, 2026 W. 27th St.; Mellin, Julie Danielle, 29, 2026 W. 27th St.

Crist, Joseph James, 83, 2718 W. Grandview, Apt. A; Gulisano, Sandra Kay, 60, 2718 W. Grandview. Apt A.

Feldmann, Ian Scott, 34, 1 Meadow Lane, Attica, New York; Kasza, Kathryn Lynn, 33, 1 Meadow Lane, Attica, New York.

Hovis, Francis James III, 56, 153 E. 36th St; Hulley, Roberta Lee, 60, 153 E. 36th St.

Overmyer, Michael David, 54, 10525 Eureka Road, Edinboro; Wagner, Michelle Renee, 49, 10525 Eureka Road, Edinboro.

Phelps, Sean Michael, 34, 9782 Jamestown St., Wattsburg; Renner, Courtney Leeann, 28, 53 1/2 Eagle St., North East.

Sczepanski, Robert John, 33, 5348 Winterberry Lane; Apthorp, Amy Lynn, 24, 5348 Winterberry Lane.

Stanback, Quayshawn Bobby Deon, 27, 426 Halley Ave.; Johnson, Tisha Shentez, 25, 426 Halley Ave.

Walker, Russell Paul, 62, 3961 Markwood Drive; Dickson, Lisa Jane, 55, 3961 Markwood Drive.

Witten, Darrell Anttwyne, 35, 520 Wayne St.; Bender, Amanda Lorinatte, 40, 520 Wayne St.




JAN. 17

A daughter to Ralph Armand and Destiny Arlette Sharp Bucci, West Springfield.

JAN. 19

A son to Spencer and Jennifer Cadden, Erie.

A daughter to Matt and Areatha Hicks Ferringer, Erie.

JAN. 20

A son to Daniel Ross and Abby Marie Rowe Mollo, Fairview. 

A son to James and Nancy Miller, Spartansburg. 

A son to Alyssa Rae Eliason, Erie.

JAN. 22

A son to Ashley Bronson, Westfield, New York.

A son to Kaitlyn C. Johnson, North East Township. 

A son to Marc and Rebecca Kosack Vogel, Wattsburg.

A daughter to Tighe A. Wilson and Amber M. Lehr, Erie.

A daughter to Sierra Parsons, Millcreek Township.

JAN. 24

A daughter to Teaira Kindle, Erie.

A son to Sanyika Rowan, Erie.

A son to Chad and Chelsea White, Erie.

JAN. 25

A son to David and Christen Dierken, Erie.

A son to Dusty and Cristina Maleno Ras, Millcreek Township.

A daughter to Zachary Ryan and Haley Marie Signorino, Erie.

JAN. 27

A son to Christopher and Danielle Evans, Wattsburg.

JAN. 28

A daughter to Tony and Kathleen DeMichele, Fairview.

A daughter to Meghan Calhoun, Millcreek Township.

A son to Evhon Robert and Danielle Samantha Nowakowski Greiner, Erie.

A daughter to Dean Arden and Paige Maxine Wiegand, Corry.

JAN. 29

A daughter to Adrian and Emily Homan, Erie.

A daughter to Virginia Rivera, Erie.

A daughter to James Richard and Emily Delores Burns, Fairview.

JAN. 30

A daughter to Shana Socie, Erie.

A daughter to Raven Forinash, Cambridge Springs.

A son to Luvetria Stokes, Erie.

JAN. 31

A son to Jeremy and Janet Richards Shapiro, Millcreek Township.

A daughter to Josh and Casey Long, Corry.

A son to Billie Burnsworth, Erie.

A son to Siera Marks, Millcreek Township.

FEB. 1

A daughter to Chris and Meghan Reger Buzas, Erie.

A daughter to Gregory and Tamara Sye, Meadville.

A son to Angelica Witt, Erie.

A son to Adam and Amy Cozzens, Erie.

A son to Jameson Scott Elliot and Cari Lin Main, Cambridge Springs.

FEB. 3

A son to Ashley Peterson, Erie.

FEB. 4

A daughter to Jarred Andrew and Cassandra Lee Manti, Edinboro.


JAN. 26

A daughter to Trapper and Elizabeth Sturgeon, Edinboro.



Camilo, Caonabo Jr., 1140 W. Sixth St., 19-10054-Tpa, Jan. 22, Chapter 7.

Carlucci, Marlana Carisa, 4226 Carney Ave., 19-10057-Tpa, Jan. 23, Chapter 13.

Coughlin, John and Mariann, 9025 Old Wattsburg Road, 19-10062-Tpa, Jan. 25, Chapter 13.

Craven, Peter Terrance Jr., 1741 W. 30th St., 19-10050-Tpa, Jan. 22, Chapter 13.

Fiolek, Linda J., 2322 Liberty St., 19-10063-Tpa, Jan. 25, Chapter 13.

Gianoni, Andraya L., 5320 Cidermill Road, 19-10047-Tpa, Jan. 21, Chapter 7.

Johnson, Willie, 17 Meadow Court, McKean, 19-10066-Tpa, Jan. 27, Chapter 7.

Sayles, Jeremy B. and Frances M., 3205 Wallace St., 19-10052-Tpa, Jan. 22, Chapter 7.

Swanson, David R. and Lauren A., 109 W. 38th St., 19-10055-Tpa, Jan. 22, Chapter 7.

Vanhooser, Timothy A. and Erica J., 5346 Bondy Drive, 19-10053-Tpa, Jan. 22, Chapter 7.

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