Law enforcement agencies release statistics for June | Police, Emergency & Courts – Indiana Gazette

Law enforcement agencies release statistics for June | Police, Emergency & Courts - Indiana Gazette nevin manimala

The following law enforcement agencies have released summaries of their department activities in June:

Clymer Borough police

CLYMER — The borough collected $639.54 of revenue from local fines, $201.66 from fines collected at District Court and the County Clerk of Courts, and $4 from parking fines for a total of $845.30 in June, Mayor Christina King reported to the borough council.

The police officers conducted 17 vehicle stops last month, investigated one DUI, one alarm, one report of criminal mischief, 10 borough ordinance violations, one ambulance assist, one ATV complaint, two drug violations, two requests for information, one found property report, three juvenile complaints, one mental health commitment, three parking complaints and two trespassing reports last month.

Homer City Borough police

HOMER CITY — Officers logged 45 incidents during June, according to a report to the borough council by Chief Anthony Jellison.

The police conducted 20 vehicle stops, answer two medical calls, took two reports of missing persons and responded to one civil incident. The officers investigated one fight, one domestic incident, one theft, one neighbor dispute, one trespassing complaint, one suspicious vehicle, one drug case, one bicycle complaint and one borough ordinance violation.

The department handled one parking complaint, one report of criminal mischief, investigated one suspicious vehicle, performed one welfare check, answered one unspecified alarm, and responded to one request for information.

The officers assist Citizens’ Ambulance Service, assisted another law enforcement agency, assisted the victim of a lockout, investigated one traffic accident, and investigated a crash believed to be DUI related.

Jellison reported one person was arrested in June: a 23-year-old man charged with driving under the influence, driving under suspension and one summary traffic offense.

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