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the neighborhood lockdown. 3 how about those boilermakers?! it was a great weekend for the first home game, and a win too.west lafayette police say it was also a win for officers. they say everyone was well-behaved this weekend.news 18’s isabella caruso spoke with officers this morning about the weekend statistics report.isabella there’s one thing officers told you was a bit surprising. 3 yes, lieutenant adam ferguson told me wlpd did not get any fight calls.he says that’s pretty unusual, especially with how many people were out this weekend.but he’s definitely not complaining, he says it’s great that everyone along.but overall, a very well-behaved home opener. 3 here’s a quick wrap-up of this weekend’s statistics- there were three arrests made. one was for operating while intoxicated.another was for driving while suspended.the last arrest was an employee theft at mcdonalds, which ferguson says is unrelated to game day activity.there were 215 calls total.36 of those included towing for vehicles parked on private property. there were 41 traffic stops made.16 noise complaints. ferguson explained to me that these numbers are normal.wlpd gathered these numbers starting at 7 p.m. on friday until 7 p.m. on sunday. 3 another great game-day report- this one coming from purdue police.they say the cherry lane extension helped a lot.cherry lane was extended through northwestern avenue leading to u.s. 231 over the summer.t change was meant to alleviate traffic headaches during football games.the new extension was utilized for the first time on saturday.with more than 50 thousand fans attending the game, the extension was also used an aid for pedestrians.police chief john cox says the cherry lane extension helped everything run smoothly. 3<“the intersection was extremely helpful in getting not only inbound traffic in but more importantly our outbound traffic pattern. and getting cars out onto to 231 so we can get them away from campus.”> 3 cox says the extensi also help smooth traffic patterns for students. 3 i asked lt. ferguson if the department was planning on making any changed based off of these numbers, and said wlpd will not be changing up much of their plan for game days.we can only hope that things run just as smoothly next weekend.purdue takes on texas christian university at 7:30 p.m. at ho saturday.reporting live in west lafayette, isabell caruso news 18.

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