“There is more work to do.” – NYPD releases crime statistics for – News 12 Bronx

"There is more work to do." - NYPD releases crime statistics for - News 12 Bronx nevin manimala

The NYPD released October’s crime statistics, and it looks like the numbers are overall down.

Incidents of rape are down nearly 11%, according to police. This drops the number from 165 in October of last year to 147 this past October.

Police say the department saw 62 shootings last month compared to 68 in October 2018. That is a decrease of nearly 9%.

As for the murder rate, the department saw an increase of 61.1%. The number of murders in October 2018 came in at 18, while this past October the numbers increased to 29.

Mayor Bill de Blasio said, “While crime rates are at record lows, there is more work to do to ensure that every New Yorker feels safe in their neighborhood.”

Officials say that as of Oct. 31, index crime remains down citywide with an overall crime decrease of almost 2%.

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