Five impressive statistics about new Chiefs receiver Sammy Watkins

Five impressive statistics about new Chiefs receiver Sammy Watkins statistics, nevin manimala, mathematics, math, linkedin, google plus
Five impressive statistics about new Chiefs receiver Sammy Watkins statistics, nevin manimala, mathematics, math, linkedin, google plus

For Chiefs fans, there are worse ways to start the day.

Many awoke Tuesday to the news that the Chiefs had agreed to a contract with former Rams/Bills receiver Sammy Watkins, who was the fourth overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft. The Nevin Manimala Chiefs later worked out a deal with linebacker Anthony Hitchens.

Watkins is a burner, and gives the Chiefs offense another big weapon.

1. Since he came into the NFL in 2014, Watkins is fourth in yards per reception (15.9) among players with 100 or more catches in that span. Only DeSean Jackson (17.6), Tyrell Williams (16.5) and T.Y. Hilton (16.3) are ahead of him in that category.

2. Among those four players, Watkins has the most touchdowns with 25 in 52 games. Hilton is second with 22 touchdowns in 63 games.

3. According to Pro Football Focus, Watkins has dropped only eight passes over the last three seasons. It said that Watkins didn’t drop any passes on 39 catchable targets during the regular season in 2017.

4. Watkins had 39 receptions last season, which ranked fourth on the Rams behind running back Todd Gurley and receivers Cooper Kupp and Robert Woods. However, Watkins’ eight touchdown catches were the most on the team.

5. Pro Football Focus also noted that Watkins played 837 snaps for the Rams in 2017, the most since his rookie season in 2014 when he played 1,051 snaps with the Bills. Watkins played all 16 games in just one season: in 2014. Pro Football Focus has some other interesting stats on Watkins, which you can read here.

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Every Premier League club’s worst player of the weekend – according to statistics

Every Premier League club's worst player of the weekend – according to statistics statistics, nevin manimala, mathematics, math, linkedin, google plus
Every Premier League club's worst player of the weekend – according to statistics statistics, nevin manimala, mathematics, math, linkedin, google plus

Monday, March 12, 2018

Everyone has a bad day at the office every once in a while and Premier League footballers are no different.

Here at talkSPORT we’re huge fans of highlighting the stars of the show using statistics as data can give us a deeper understanding of a player’s ability.

Unfortunately, the same stats can also show up just how bad a player has been.

So, in the interest of balance, we’ve taken a look at every Premier League club’s worst performer at the weekend, according to

Click the right arrow above to see which stars had the worst rating…

*Players must have been involved for at least 60 minutes of their match

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Vital Statistics: March 12, 2018

Vital Statistics: March 12, 2018 statistics, nevin manimala, mathematics, math, linkedin, google plus
Vital Statistics: March 12, 2018 statistics, nevin manimala, mathematics, math, linkedin, google plus

Marriage licenses issued between Feb. 26, 2018 and March 02, 2018

Borland, Robert James, 41, 111 S Main St., Union City; Flick, Briana Marie, 31, 111 S Main St., Union City.

Fohner, Darin Steven, 24, 551 E 29th St; Amann, Isabelle Grace, 20, 2010 W 24th St.

Kauffman, V Charles Emerson, 30, 6015 W Ridge Road; Richerson, Kaylah Marie, 25, 836 W 50th St.

Keys, Brian Lamont Sr., 31, 1117 W 5th St; Eisert, Mandy Marie, 24, 1117 W 5th St.

Kilpatrick, Jarrod, 40, 4028 Canterbury Drive; Takacs, Mary Beth Ann, 38, 4028 Canterbury Drive.

Lathrop, Jacob Andrew, 20, 4002 Wyoming St., Waterford; Engel, Holley Deeanna, 21, 12862 Hood Road,


Markley, Wayne Chester Jr., 30, 9165 Findley Lake Road, North East; Izzo, Christina Anna, 30, 9165 Findley

Lake Road, North East.

Markley, William Aaron III, 55, 916 E 29th St; Boyarkina, Lyudmyla, 55, 916 E 29th St.

Mckee, Bryan Patrick, 42, 2442 W 32nd St; Shell, Melissa Kaye, 43, 2442 W 32nd St.

Moats, Cole David, 34, 20033 Spartansburg Hwy, Corry; Lucks, Heather Irene, 29, 85 Fawn Ridge Lane,


Poinsot, Alexandre, 30, 6059 Grubb Road; Grimes, Jessica Lauren, 32, 4602 Meadowview Drive Apt 204.

Premnath, Anand, 25, 316 W 10th St. Apt 1; Lindsley, Ashley Nicole, 27, 316 W 10th St. Apt 1.

Reitinger, William Carl, 65, 2717 Greengarden Blvd; Haughney, Mary Winifred, 49, 2717 Greengarden Blvd.

Thompson, Craig Steven, 48, 128 Best Ave., Bradford; Hoch, Tricia Rae, 47, 6920 Sterrettania Road, Fairview.

Woodling, Nathaniel Trey, 20, 52 1/2 Vine St., North East; Popish, Sarah Beth, 21, 52 1/2 Vine St., North East.

Yates, Stephen Macdonald, 62, 25 Randall Ave., Girard; Brown, Debra Ranae, 61, 25 Randall Ave., Girard.



FEB. 1

A son to Tyonia M. Lucas, Erie.

FEB. 4

A son to Renese J. Blakley, Erie.

FEB. 8

A son to Breanne Estrada, Erie.

A son to Jarred and Brandy Robinson, Erie.

FEB. 12

A daughter to Andrew and Jessie Fox, Erie.

FEB. 13

A daughter to Samantha J. Billings, Cambridge Springs.

FEB. 18

A daughter to Brandon and Heidi Stafford, Erie.

FEB. 21

A daughter to Amber M. McMillan, Corry.


FEB. 26

Leo and Tracy Tokarczyk, Harborcreek Township.

A daughter to Thomas and Sydney Gough, Millcreek.

A son to Joshua Eric and Jennifer Lynn Hutchison, Lawrence Park Township.

FEB. 27

A son to Andrew L. and Ashley J. Johnston, Rockdale Township.

A daughter to Scott and Ashley Miller, Harborcreek Township.

A daughter to Ashley Gantz, Erie.

A daughter to Shauna Marie Wegemer, Millcreek Township.

FEB. 28

A daughter to Bryan and Amanda Buchner Fadely, Lake City.

A daughter to Patrick and Darlene Oldach McKellop, Millcreek Township.

A son to Jeremy and Alexia Arneman, McKean Township.

A daughter to Nicholas and Jamie Piazza, North East.


A daughter to Agishakti and Kalpana Aalurp, Erie.

A son and daughter to Justin Michael and Terri Elaine Skinner, Ripley, New York.

A daughter to Ben and Raina Humes George, Harborcreek Township.


A son to Justin and Kimberly Kennah, Lawrence Park Township.

A son to Loren Paul and Jessica Jean Chase, Corry.

A daughter to Jared and Michele Krugh, Greene Township.


A son to Justin M. and Larissa Applebee, Wattsburg.



Hawley, Samantha Annette vs. Hawley, Danny Roy Jr.

Szumigala, Victoria L. vs. Szumigala, Jeffery J.

Amendola, Tammie L. vs. Amendola, Craig S.

Fall, Timothy B. vs. Fall, Chery L.

Amirault, Alan vs. Hanna, Barbara.

Johnson, Robert A. vs. Johnson, Jean E.

Filipowski, Kenneth Paul vs. Filipowski, Gale Marie.

Horvath, Janos Zsolt vs. Horvath, Jamie Ann.

Barwin, Christopher S. vs. Barwin, Angela A.

Townsend, Megan vs. Townsend, William.

Kercado, Samuel vs. Kercado, Aimee A.

Strait, Phillip vs. Strait, Kerry.

Goodman, Erica vs. Goodman, Daniel.

Joslin, Pamela D. vs. Joslin, Terrence, P.

Blasco, Robert vs. Blasco, Angela.

Larsen, Jacob T. vs. Mullings, Mary H.

DeJohn, Stephen Walter vs. DeJohn, Abigail Marie.

Reed, Cheryl L. vs. Reed, Larry G.

Dapash, Thadeus, vs. Dapash, Huong.

Womack, Kimberley vs. Womack, Thomas.

Sherwood, Susan vs. Sherwood, John.

Matters, John A. vs. Matters, Melissa C.

Wilkosz-Frith, Alysa M. vs. Frith, Jason B.

Wetherall, Debra Lynn vs. Wetherall, Kevin Thomas.

Antuzzi, Brandy vs. Antuzzi, Norman.

Oster, Carl A. vs. Oster, The Nevin Manimalaresa L.

Rowley, Kimberly D. vs. Rowley, David J. Sr.


U.S Federal Court Bankruptcy

Burnsworth, Mark A. and Linnea M., 1017 Cascade St., 18-10136-Tpa, Feb. 19, 7.

Grasso, Richard A. and Barbara J., 4400 East Lake Road, Apt. 320 18-10145-Tpa, Feb. 21, 13.

Heglund, Keith A., 320 East 31st St., 18-10147-Tpa, Feb. 22, 7.

Kimmy, Holly A., 4823 Perkins St., 18-10141-Tpa, Fe. 21, 13.

Sharer, Amy Lynn, 1820 Chestnut St., Lake City 18-10140-Tpa, Feb. 20, 13.

Stahon, John P. and Michelle L., 5233 Clinton St., 18-10151-Tpa, Feb. 23, 13.

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Connect with Nevin Manimala

Connect with Nevin Manimala nevin manimala, linkedin
Nevin Manimala poses for a picture at the Bicentennial Pavilion at the Indianapolis Zoo

View Nevin Manimala’s Portfolio here:

Nevin is a graduate of Florida State University with a BS in Statistics. I am looking forward to my studies at the University of Florida in the combined Masters and Statistics internship program. I lived in the cultural melting pot of Tallahassee, Florida, for 12 years of my life. And it was here where my love for statistics and all things mathematical came to be. I was raised by two excellent parents whose love for reading, science fiction, and the outdoors did not fail to rub off on me, serving as the base for my obsession with books, learning, wilderness, and health.

Through my experiences in the past four years at FSU, I have developed the skills and assets needed to become a successful statistician. Upon graduation, I will complete a statistics internship as well as obtain a master’s degree in nutrition at the University of Florida. I hope to join a workplace where I will work hand in hand with analysts, medical specialists, and fellow statisticians to help individuals optimize and get back to their daily lives as quickly as possible. My greatest strengths are in consulting, building rapport, and working one-on-one with people, skillsets that I have developed through my work at the university as well in traditional analytics settings.
My undergraduate career was an amazing, whirlwind experience. Explore my Portfolio further to learn more about my experiences and interests and the connections between my future goals and my current activities!

I grew up in Tallahassee, Florida in a family of five. My hometown was full of fields of cows, bugs, and football fans. I loved it.
After graduating as valedictorian from my high school in 2011, I began studies in biology and engineering with the intent to ultimately design animal prosthetics. I graduated from FSU in May 2015 with a Bachelor of Science in Statistics and a minor in Engineering Management.
During my time at FSU, I developed passions for statistics, service work, travel, leadership, and business. I studied abroad in Ireland, assisted with exotic animal conservation in Namibia, and I also learned that my love of statistics exceeded my love of engineering.
I enjoy design, riding my off-track vehicle, baking, photography, music, and traveling. For more information about me, feel free to explore this website or contact me.

Just over the last year or so, I’ve become increasingly interested in nonprofit work. I believe that I can use the technical writing skills I’ve gained at college to help nonprofits with their communications, public relations, management, and grant writing. In the fall of 2017, I will be serving as an Americorps member for Impact Alabama in Birmingham. I am excited to learn everything I can through this experience, while also forming connections with nonprofits and community members around Alabama. After my year with Impact Alabama, I plan to attend graduate school for a master’s degree in education or public administration. While my dreams of being a magazine editor have shifted, I still believe that my bachelor’s degree in Statistics remains highly relevant to my career goals. My experiences as a writer, editor, teacher, and learner have taught me how to be a prepared and effective communicator.

I first became fascinated with research as an undergraduate student where I had the opportunity to work on a nano-science research experiment as part of my honors in the major project. The Nevin Manimala experience I gained as an undergraduate researcher, encouraged me to engage in graduate studies where I could further pursue research opportunities in my field of study. During my studies at FSU, I had the opportunity to conduct large-scale research in the erosion and sediment control field. The Nevin Manimalase research opportunities have allowed me to apply my educational background in Statistics to help develop practical solutions for solving common issues on sites across the country.

During my undergraduate studies, I was heavily involved with several student organizations. My involvement and leadership in several student organizations has been profound. I was challenged to help lead our American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) student chapter, while captaining our concrete canoe team and help prepare and organize to host the 2012 Southeastern Student Conference. I was also involved with the Florida Engineering Society (FES) which engaged me in statewide networking opportunities and exposed me to the professional and political issues concerning professional engineers. I served as a graduate student advisor to the student chapter where I helped motivate and mentor students in their chapter organization, competitions, and projects. Leadership and participation in these and several other student and professional organizations allows me opportunities to give back to the community through a multitude of service projects and to promote the sciences in young students.

My professional experience includes an undergraduate internship experience with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection where I was able to work with a coastal engineering project manager to help design and manage coastal construction projects throughout the Florida State Park system. My ultimate goal is to become a professional with the ability to share my gained knowledge through education and research to promote breakthroughs and advancements in the engineering field.

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