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Efficacy of Adjusted Dose Tadalafil for Treating Erectile Dysfunction in Patients on Chronic Hemodialysis

Arch Esp Urol. 2022 Jun;75(5):400-404. doi: 10.37554/en-j.arch.esp.urol-20210704-3502-22.


INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVES: Although erectile dysfunction is frequently seen in hemodialysis patients, little information is documented about the efficacy of phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) inhibitors and almost all the articles evaluate sildenafil. We aimed to evaluate the efficacy of chronic low dose tadalafil in this group of patients.

MATERIALS AND METHODS: The International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF) questionairre was administered to patients under hemodialysis program. A total of 58 patients with ED (International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF) score < 26), each having a stable partner, between 18-60 years, receiving routine outpatient HD matched the inclusion criteria and divided into two equal groups; placebo and tadalafil 5 mg/3 days. Changes of the IIEF score was recorded after one month of treatment.

RESULTS: The mean age of the patients was 50.0±9.93 years. Duration of dialysis was 57.5(12-108) months. Hemoglobin (g/dl) and creatinin clearence (ml/Min) values of placebo and tadalafil groups were not significantly different; 10.9(8.8-14) vs 10.7(8.9-13) and 5.7±1.3 vs 6.0±1.4 respectively. There was a statistically significant increase for all subgroups related erectile dysfunction 9.28±4.17 vs 21.07±5.99 (p=0.037), intercourse satisfaction 8(3-9) vs 10(5-15) (p<0.001), orgasmic function 4(1-10) vs 8(4-10) (p<0.001), sexual desire 4(2-10) vs 7(3-9) (p<0.001) and general satisfaction 5(2-9) vs 6(2-9) (p<0.001) with low dose of tadalafil at the end of four weeks without any major side effects. There was only a significant increase in sexual desire 4(3-9) vs 6(4-10) (p<0.001),in placebo group with an insignificant change in all other IIEF domains. Total IIEF score of the placebo group was insignificantly increased from 21.13±7.73 to 21.99±7.04 (p=0.771) while there was a statistically significant increase in tadalafil group; from 20.87±8.84 to 30.75±7.04 (p<0.001).

CONCLUSIONS: Tadalafil 5 mg once in three days is appear to be efficacious and well tolerated for the treatment of ED in hemodialysis patients.

PMID:35983809 | DOI:10.37554/en-j.arch.esp.urol-20210704-3502-22

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