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The influence of removing the 10-minute bout requirement on the demographic, behaviour and health profiles of Canadian adults who meet the physical activity recommendations

Health Rep. 2022 Aug 18;33(8):3-18. doi: 10.25318/82-003-x202200800001-eng.


BACKGROUND: Recently, the Canadian 24-Hour Movement Guidelines for Adults were released, and included a revised physical activity (PA) recommendation. The recommendation of 150 minutes per week of moderate-to-vigorous intensity PA (MVPA) was revised, from requiring that MVPA be accrued in bouts of 10 minutes or more (bouted) to having no bout requirement (non-bouted). The objective of this study was to assess whether there were differences in sociodemographic, health and fitness characteristics of Canadians who met the bouted and non-bouted PA recommendations.

DATA AND METHODS: Using adult (aged 18 to 79 years) accelerometer data from three combined cycles of the nationally representative Canadian Health Measures Survey (N = 7,102), this study compared adherence to the bouted and non-bouted recommendations. Differences in sociodemographic, health and fitness measures were assessed using independent t-tests and chi-squares. Multivariate linear and logistic regressions controlling for age, sex, household education and smoking examined associations with health and fitness measures.

RESULTS: More adults met the PA recommendation using the non-bouted versus bouted (45.3% vs. 18.5%) requirement. Characteristics of those who met the bouted and only the non-bouted recommendations were similar. Exceptions among those who met only the non-bouted recommendation compared with meeting the bouted recommendation included fewer adults aged 65 years and older; lower MVPA, recreation PA and transport PA; and higher sedentary time, light PA and grip strength.

INTERPRETATION: Although the removal of the 10-minute bout requirement increased the proportion of Canadian adults who met the PA recommendation, there were no substantial differences in the sociodemographic and health characteristics of the populations captured by the bouted and non-bouted definitions. Results help to inform the transition in reporting for PA surveillance.

PMID:35984950 | DOI:10.25318/82-003-x202200800001-eng

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