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Ultrasound-based “CEUS-Bosniak”classification for cystic renal lesions: an 8-year clinical experience

World J Urol. 2022 Aug 20. doi: 10.1007/s00345-022-04094-0. Online ahead of print.


PURPOSE: Renal cysts comprise benign and malignant entities. Risk assessment profits from CT/MRI imaging using the Bosniak classification. While Bosniak-IIF, -III, and -IV cover complex cyst variants, Bosniak-IIF and -III stand out due to notorious overestimation. Contrast-enhanced ultrasound (CEUS) is promising to overcome this deficit but warrants standardization. This study addresses the benefits of a combined CEUS and CT/MRI evaluation of renal cysts. The study provides a realistic account of kidney tumor boards’ intricacies in trying to validate renal cysts.

METHODS: 247 patients were examined over 8 years. CEUS lesions were graded according to CEUS-Bosniak (IIF, III, IV). 55 lesions were resected, CEUS-Bosniak- and CT/MRI-Bosniak-classification were correlated with histopathological diagnosis. Interobserver agreement between the classifications was evaluated statistically. 105 lesions were followed by ultrasound, and change in CEUS-Bosniak-types and lesion size were documented.

RESULTS: 146 patients (156 lesions) were included. CEUS classified 67 lesions as CEUS-Bosniak-IIF, 44 as CEUS-Bosniak-III, and 45 as CEUS-Bosniak-IV. Histopathology of 55 resected lesions revealed benign cysts in all CEUS-Bosniak-IIF lesions (2/2), 40% of CEUS-Bosniak-III and 8% of CEUS-Bosniak-IV, whereas malignancy was uncovered in 60% of CEUS-Bosniak-III and 92% of CEUS-Bosniak-IV. Overall, CEUS-Bosniak-types matched CT/MRI-Bosniak types in 58% (fair agreement, κ = 0.28). CEUS-Bosniak resulted in higher stages than CT/MRI-Bosniak (40%). Ultrasound follow-up of 105 lesions detected no relevant differences between CEUS-Bosniak-types concerning cysts size. 99% of lesions showed the same CEUS-Bosniak-type.

CONCLUSION: The CEUS-Bosniak classification is an essential tool in clinical practice to differentiate and monitor renal cystic lesions and empowers diagnostic work-up and patient care.

PMID:35986781 | DOI:10.1007/s00345-022-04094-0

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