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The Veterans Health Administration REACH VET Program: Suicide Predictive Modeling in Practice

Psychiatr Serv. 2022 Aug 30:appips202100629. doi: 10.1176/ Online ahead of print.


The U.S. Veterans Health Administration developed a suicide prediction statistical model and implemented a novel clinical program, Recovery Engagement and Coordination for Health-Veterans Enhanced Treatment (REACH VET). This high-value suicide prevention program aims to efficiently identify patients at risk and connect them with care. Starting in April 2017, national REACH VET metric data were collected from electronic health records to evaluate required task completion. By October 2020, 98% of veterans identified (N=6,579) were contacted by providers and had their care evaluated. In the nation’s largest health care system, it was feasible to implement a clinical program based on a suicide prediction model.

PMID:36039552 | DOI:10.1176/

By Nevin Manimala

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