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Correlation between level of vitamin D in serum and value of lung function in children diagnosed with bronchial asthma

Folia Med (Plovdiv). 2022 Aug 31;64(4):649-654. doi: 10.3897/folmed.64.e67800.


INTRODUCTION: Many authors in their research have suggested an association between vitamin D and asthma, but the results from these publications are sometimes confusing.

AIM: Our aim was to assess the relationship between serum vitamin D and lung function in patients previously diagnosed with asthma.

MATERIALS AND METHODS: The present study started in September 2019 and was completed in May 2020. All patients were diagnosed at the University Clinical Center-Prishtina, Kosovo. Spirometry was performed on children of ages 6-16 years old with a spirometer according to the recommendations of the American Thoracic Society.

RESULTS: Of the 57 children who visited the University Clinical Center of Kosovo-Department of Pediatrics, 29 were diagnosed with asthma. The Spearman coefficient correlation showed statistical significance between vitamin D and body weight, and vitamin D and FEF75% at level 0.05. Other parameters did not show statistical significance with vitamin D, but such statistical significance was found in other parameters between asthma and healthy groups.

CONCLUSIONS: Our data suggested that serum vitamin D level was insignificant for FVC%, FEV1%, Tiffeneau Index values, and PEF. Statistical significance was observed between vitamin D and body weight; vitamin D and FEF75% (p=0.05).

PMID:36045472 | DOI:10.3897/folmed.64.e67800

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