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Communicative competence in family physicians in a family medicine unit

Rev Med Inst Mex Seguro Soc. 2022 Aug 31;60(5):563-568.


BACKGROUND: Communication in the health field is essential, since it depends on it that the physician has complete and accurate information to carry out the fulfillment of his functions. The relationship with the medical staff leads the patient to feel listened to and cared for, in order to understand their state of health.

OBJECTIVE: To know the perception of patients about the communicative competence of family physicians during the consult at the Family Medicine Unit No. 27.

MATERIAL AND METHODS: Descriptive and cross-sectional study that identifies patients who attended Family Medicine Unit No. 27 in Tijuana in September 2021. The Communication Assessment Tool was applied to participants to measure the perception of communicative competence of doctors. The responses obtained were collected and analyzed with descriptive statistics.

RESULTS: 200 patients who met selection criteria were studied, made up of patients on morning and afternoon shifts equally. 54.6% of the studied population considers the communicative competence of family doctors to be excellent.

CONCLUSIONS: The communicative competence in the family physicians of the studied unit had a better result than others studies of several countries; however, it has areas of opportunity to optimize this competence, since medical knowledge must include the area of communication and interpersonal relationships.


By Nevin Manimala

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