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Predicting Tracheal Work of Breathing in Neonates Based on Radiological and Pulmonary Measurements

J Appl Physiol (1985). 2022 Sep 1. doi: 10.1152/japplphysiol.00399.2022. Online ahead of print.


Tracheomalacia is an airway condition in which the trachea excessively collapses during breathing. Neonates diagnosed with tracheomalacia require more energy to breathe, and the effect of tracheomalacia can be quantified by assessing flow-resistive work of breathing (WOB) in the trachea using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling of the airway. However, CFD simulations are computationally expensive; the ability to instead predict WOB based on more straightforward measures would provide a clinically useful estimate of tracheal disease severity. The objective of this study is to quantify the WOB in the trachea using CFD and identify simple airway and/or clinical parameters that directly relate to WOB. This study included 30 neonatal intensive care unit subjects (15 with tracheomalacia, 15 without tracheomalacia). All subjects were imaged using ultrashort echo time (UTE) MRI. CFD simulations were performed using patient-specific data obtained from MRI (airway anatomy, dynamic motion, and airflow rates) to calculate the WOB in the trachea. Several airway and clinical measurements were obtained and compared with the tracheal resistive WOB. The maximum percent change in the tracheal cross-sectional area (ρ=0.560, p=0.001), average glottis cross-sectional area (ρ=-0.488, p=0.006), minute ventilation (ρ=0.613, p<0.001), and lung tidal volume (ρ=0.599, p<0.001) had significant correlations with WOB. A multivariable regression model with three independent variables (minute ventilation, average glottis cross-sectional area, and minimum of the eccentricity index of the trachea) can be used to estimate WOB more accurately (R2=0.726). This statistical model may allow clinicians to estimate tracheal resistive WOB based on airway images and clinical data.

PMID:36049059 | DOI:10.1152/japplphysiol.00399.2022

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