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The Effect of Tele-palliative Care on Patient and Caregiver Outcomes: A Systematic Review

Am J Hosp Palliat Care. 2022 Sep 14:10499091221123566. doi: 10.1177/10499091221123566. Online ahead of print.


Objectives: To describe the use of tele-palliative care in patients with advanced disease and assess its effectiveness on quality of life (QOL), symptom burden and other outcomes for patients and their caregivers. Methods: We searched for randomised controlled trials to assess the outcomes of tele-palliative care on patients with advanced disease and their caregivers. Eight databases were searched for studies published in Chinese or English from inception to November 27, 2021. Data from the included trials were extracted independently by 2 reviewers and evaluated independently for methodological quality using the Cochrane Collaboration’s tool. A narrative synthesis of the results of all trials was performed. Results: Thirty trials were included ultimately with more than one half of the studies were moderate to high quality, including, which involved 19 665 patients and 1153 caregivers. Results from 10/15 included trials (reporting patient QOL), 5/14 trials (reporting patient symptoms), 1/3 trials (reporting survival), 8/13 trials (reporting patient mood), 3/6 trials (reporting ACP related indicators), 3/7 trials (reporting resource utilization) showed statistically significant between tele-palliative care and control care groups. Of 30 trials, 8 measured caregiver outcomes, 1/4 trials (reporting caregiver QOL) showed statistically significant, and results from 3/3 trials (reporting caregiver mood), 3/4 trials (reporting caregiver burden) showed benefit in at least 1 domain at 1 or more time points. Conclusions: This systematic review suggests that although tele-palliative care can improve patient physical, patient and caregiver psychological health outcomes to some extent, there is still a lack of sufficient evidence to substantiate its application effects. Moreever, regional and cultural characteristics should also be taken into account when tele-palliative care interventions are carried out.

PMID:36113129 | DOI:10.1177/10499091221123566

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