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Epidemic characteristics of esophageal cancer mortality in Qidong, 1972-2016

Zhonghua Zhong Liu Za Zhi. 2022 Oct 23;44(10):1096-1101. doi: 10.3760/cma.j.cn112152-20200225-00125.


Objective: To describe the epidemic characteristics of esophageal cancer mortality in Qidong from 1972 to 2016, and to provide baseline for making control measures and strategies for prevention. Methods: The cancer registry data were collected and analyzed on mortality of oesophagus cancer during 1972-2016 in Qidong in different sex, age and time. Indices of statistics included crude mortality rate (CR), China age-standardized rate (CASR), world age-standardized rate (WASR), 35-64 years truncated rate, 0-74 years cumulative rate, cumulative risk, average annual percentage change (AAPC), mortality by period and mortality in the birth cohort. Results: A total of 4 795 esophageal cancer cases (male: 3 315, female: 1 480) died during the 45 years, accounting for 4.85% of all cancer deaths. The crude mortality was 9.48/10(5) (CASR: 3.62/10(5,) WASR: 6.30/10(5)) from 1972 to 2016. The crude mortality was significantly increased with age. In 2016, the crude mortality was 11.61/10(5) (CASR: 2.64/10(5,) WASR: 4.89/10(5)), respectively. The average annual percentage change (AAPC) were 0.99%、-2.03%、-1.72%. The mortalities of esophageal cancer in all age groups from 35 to 74 have been decreasing since the 1980s. The age-birth cohort analysis showed a decline in mortality rates in age groups from 40 to 79. Conclusions: The crude mortality rate of esophageal cancer increases slightly in Qidong, while the China age-standardized rate and world age-standardized rate decrease significantly. However, esophageal cancer is still one of the malignant tumors that affects the health of residents and seriously threatens the people’s lives and health. The situation of cancer prevention and control is still serious in Qidong.

PMID:36319455 | DOI:10.3760/cma.j.cn112152-20200225-00125

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