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Evaluation of the effect of Mozart music on pain and respiratory rate after thyroidectomy

Hormones (Athens). 2022 Nov 22. doi: 10.1007/s42000-022-00421-7. Online ahead of print.


PURPOSE: Pain has always been a major concern in postoperative care. The aim of this study was to assess the impact of Mozart music on postoperative pain and physiological parameters in patients who underwent total thyroidectomy.

METHODS: Patients scheduled for total thyroidectomy were randomly assigned to a music group or a control group. The music intervention was applied immediately after surgery, whereas the control group received only usual care. Measurements of pain perception and physiological parameters were performed before, during, and after the music intervention in the music group and at the same time points in the control group. Pain was evaluated with the visual analog scale.

RESULTS: In a study population of 50 patients, a higher rate of decrease in pain was observed in the music group after the first 10 min of the music intervention compared to the control group (estimate = – 1.329; 95% CI [- 2.490, – 0.169]). Music also reduced respiratory rate by 1.31 rates/min more in the music group than in the control group at every assessment point (95% CI [- 2.171, – 0.451]). Changes in the remaining physiological parameters were not statistically significant between the music and the control group and within each group.

CONCLUSION: This study suggests that the use of music during immediate postoperative care after thyroidectomy could accelerate pain relief and lead to a greater decline of respiratory rate compared to that achieved in usual care.


PMID:36418659 | DOI:10.1007/s42000-022-00421-7

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