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Exploring the Role of the Inhibitor of Apoptosis BIRC6 in Breast Cancer: A Database Analysis

JCO Clin Cancer Inform. 2022 Nov;6:e2200093. doi: 10.1200/CCI.22.00093.


PURPOSE: The aim of the present work was to investigate the role of apoptosis inhibitor BIRC6 (baculoviral IAP repeat-containing protein 6) in breast cancer (BC), focusing particularly on its involvement in the metastatic cascade.

METHODS: We analyzed BIRC6 mRNA expression levels and copy number variations in three BC databases from The Cancer Genome Atlas comparing clinical and molecular attributes. Genomic analysis was performed using the cBioPortal platform, whereas transcriptomic studies (mRNA expression levels, correlation heatmaps, survival plots, and gene ontology) were performed using USC Xena and R. Statistical significance was set at P < .05.

RESULTS: Our bioinformatic analyses showed that there was a differential expression of BIRC6 in cancer samples when compared with normal samples. Copy number variations that involve amplification and gain of BIRC6 gene were correlated with negative hormone receptor tumors, higher prognostic indexes, younger age at diagnosis, and both chemotherapy and radiotherapy administration. Transcriptomic and gene ontology analyses showed that, under conditions of high BIRC6 mRNA levels, there are differential expression patterns in apoptotic, proliferation, and metastatic pathways.

CONCLUSION: In summary, our in silico data suggest that BIRC6 plays an antiapoptotic, pro-proliferative, and apparent prometastatic role and could be a relevant molecular target for treatment of BC tumors.

PMID:36455174 | DOI:10.1200/CCI.22.00093

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