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Systemic inhibition of 5-lipoxygenase by MK-886 exacerbates apical periodontitis bone loss in a mouse model

BMC Oral Health. 2023 Jan 10;23(1):11. doi: 10.1186/s12903-023-02712-w.


BACKGROUND: To investigate if 5-LO selective inhibitor (MK-886) could be used for systemic treatment of experimentally induced apical periodontitis in a mouse model.

METHODS: Twenty-four C57BL/6 mice were used. After coronal opening, a solution containing Escherichia coli LPS (1.0 µg/µL) was inoculated into the root canals of the lower and upper right first molars (n = 72 teeth). After 30 days apical periodontitis was established, and the animals were treated with MK-886 (5 mg/kg), a 5-LO inhibitor, for 7 and 14 days. The tissues were removed for histopathological and histometric analyses, evaluation of osteoclast number and gene expression for receptor activator of nuclear factor kappa-B (Tnfrsf11a), receptor activator of nuclear factor kappa-B ligand (Tnfsf11), osteoprotegerin (Tnfrsf11b), tartrate-resistant acid phosphatase (Acp5), matrix metalloproteinase-9 (Mmp9), cathepsin K (Ctsk) and calcitonin receptor (Calcr). Statistical data analysis was performed using Kruskal Wallis followed by Dunn’s tests (α = 0.05).

RESULTS: Administration of MK-886 for 7 days exerted no effect on apical periodontitis progression compared to LPS inoculation without treatment (p = 0.3549), while treatment for 14 days exacerbated bone loss (p < 0.0001). Administration of MK-886 enhanced osteoclastogenesis signaling and osteoclast formation within 7 days (p = 0.0005), but exerted no effect at 14 days (p > 0.9999). After 7 days of treatment, MK-886 induced mRNA expression for Acp5 (p = 0.0001), Calcr (p = 0.0003), Mmp9 (p = 0.0005) and Ctsk (p = 0.0008), however no effect in those gene expression was observed after 14 days (p > 0.05).

CONCLUSION: Systemic treatment with MK-886 exacerbated LPS-induced apical periodontitis in a mouse model.

PMID:36624436 | DOI:10.1186/s12903-023-02712-w

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