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Approach to cardiology residents clinical aptitude evaluation. Multicenter design

Gac Med Mex. 2022;158(6):376-385. doi: 10.24875/GMM.M22000716.


INTRODUCTION: To the best of our knowledge, the research herein presented is the first multicenter study in Mexico to analyze the development of clinical aptitude in medical units that train cardiologists.

OBJECTIVE: To determine the degree of development of clinical aptitude in cardiology residents at three High Specialty Medical Units.

METHODS: Multicenter, cross-sectional design. All students of the 2019-2020 academic year were included in the study. An instrument was constructed that evaluated clinical aptitude based on eight indicators and 170 items; conceptual/content validity and reliability were assessed by five cardiologists with teaching and educational research experience.

RESULTS: By indicator and year of residence, significant statistical differences were observed in the CMN20Nov academic site. At HCSXXI and INCICh, statistically significant differences were observed in one of eight indicators. Differences between R1 residents (n = 41) of all three academic sites were estimated by indicator, with statistical significance being recorded in three of eight indicators. Between R2 (n = 35) and between R3 residents (n = 43), the result was similar.

CONCLUSIONS: The degree of clinical aptitude development can be considered intermediate in all three academic sites, probably because the instrument explored problematized clinical situations that required for the residents to critically reflect on their clinical experience.

PMID:36657137 | DOI:10.24875/GMM.M22000716

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