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AuTomaTed Alcohol Misuse INterventions in a Bariatric Surgery Population: The ATTAIN Bariatric Pilot

Perm J. 2023 Mar 3:1-9. doi: 10.7812/TPP/22.145. Online ahead of print.


Introduction Alcohol screening and brief intervention has been shown to reduce unhealthy alcohol use, although widespread adoption into primary care practice has been slow. Patients undergoing bariatric surgery are at an increased risk of unhealthy alcohol use. The authors compared a novel, web-based screening tool called ATTAIN to usual care for real-world effectiveness and accuracy among bariatric surgery registry patients. Methods The authors analyzed the results of a quality improvement project that tested ATTAIN among bariatric surgery registry patients. Participants were stratified into 3 groups by surgery status (preoperative vs postoperative) and prior screening for unhealthy alcohol use (screened vs not screened in the past year). Participants in these 3 groups were divided into intervention plus usual care (n = 2249) and control (n = 2130) groups, with intervention being an email to complete ATTAIN, and control being usual care (eg, office-based screening). Primary outcomes included screening and positivity rates for unhealthy drinking behavior between groups. Secondary outcomes included positivity rates via ATTAIN vs usual care for individuals who were screened by both modalities. Chi-square test was used for statistical analysis. Results The overall screening rates were 67.4% (intervention arm) and 38.6% (control). The ATTAIN response rate was 47% of those invited. The overall positive screen rate was 7.7% (intervention) and 2.6% (control); p < .001 for both. For dual screened intervention participants, the positive screen rate was 10% (ATTAIN) vs 2% (usual care) with p < .001. Conclusion ATTAIN is a promising method of increasing screening and detection rates for unhealthy drinking behavior.

PMID:36866440 | DOI:10.7812/TPP/22.145

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