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Daily Hassles and Eating Behaviours in Adults: Exploring the Buffering Effects of Daily Uplifts

Psychol Rep. 2023 Mar 5:332941231161794. doi: 10.1177/00332941231161794. Online ahead of print.


Existing research has shown that daily hassles are associated with increases in between-meal snacking, often resulting in the increased consumption of high sweet and high fat foods. However, it is currently unclear whether the presence of daily uplifts may buffer the negative effects of daily hassles on unhealthy eating behaviour. Therefore, the current study explored the main and interactive effects of daily hassles and daily uplifts on snacking behaviours in adults. One hundred and sixty participants (M age: 23.69 years) reported their daily hassles, daily uplifts and snacking behaviours over the preceding 24 hour period. Participants’ emotional eating style was also measured. Using moderated regression analysis, the daily hassles x daily uplifts interaction was found to be statistically significant for both total snack and unhealthy snack consumption. Simple slopes analyses showed that the relationship between daily hassles and snacking was weaker and non-significant at higher levels of daily uplifts compared to moderate and lower levels. The current study provides novel evidence that daily uplifts may act as a buffer against the negative impact of daily hassles on food consumption.

PMID:36872255 | DOI:10.1177/00332941231161794

By Nevin Manimala

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