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Spatial distribution of floating population in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei Region and its correlations with synergistic development

Math Biosci Eng. 2023 Jan 13;20(3):5949-5965. doi: 10.3934/mbe.2023257.


Utilizing statistical information from the Seventh National Population Census, statistical yearbook and sampling dynamic survey data, this study examines the distribution characteristics of the floating population in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei Region as well as the growth trend of the floating population in each region. It also makes assessments using floating population concentration and The Moran Index Computing Methods. According to the study, the spatial distribution of the floating population has a clear clustering pattern in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei region. Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei region’s mobile population growth patterns differ substantially, and the region’s inflow population is mostly made up of migrant inhabitants of domestic provinces and inflow of people from nearby regions. Most of the mobile population resides in Beijing and Tianjin, whereas the outflow of people originates in Hebei province. The diffusion impact and the spatial features of the floating population in the Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei area have a constant, positive association, according to the timeline between 2014 and 2020.

PMID:36896558 | DOI:10.3934/mbe.2023257

By Nevin Manimala

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