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Implementation of the Hand Hygiene Eczema Education Program to Improve Patient Knowledge and Symptoms

J Dr Nurs Pract. 2023 Mar 1;16(1):54-61. doi: 10.1891/JDNP-2022-0003.


Background: COVID-19 hand hygiene recommendation had resulted in a hand eczema -exacerbation. The guidelines of care for the management of hand eczema recommend the use of educational interventions for patients. Objective: An educational intervention was designed to increase the patient’s knowledge of appropriate hand hygiene and improve the patient’s symptoms. Methods: The validated self-assessment patient-oriented eczema measure tool and pre- and post-tests were used to measure outcomes prior to educational intervention and again in 1-2 months postintervention. Of the 26 participants enrolled, 21 completed the study. The study included newly diagnosed or established patients with eczema, and the education material was available for all patients. Results: The difference between the average pretest and initial posttest was statistically significant (df = 20, P (Tt) = 0.000663535, p < .05). Similarly, the difference between the average pretest and follow-up posttest was also statistically significant (df = 20, P (Tt) < 0.001, p < .05). Participants also had a 2.04 mean point decrease in symptoms severity. Conclusions: The results demonstrated an improvement in patient’s knowledge and reduction in symptoms. Implications for Nursing: The program can serve as a new guideline for managing hand eczema symptoms due to COVID-19 in the adult population in the private office setting.

PMID:36918285 | DOI:10.1891/JDNP-2022-0003

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