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Repair Bond Strength to Hybrid CAD/CAM Materials after Silane Heat Treatment with Laser

J Adhes Dent. 2023 Mar 15;25(1):63-70. doi: 10.3290/j.jad.b3956401.


PURPOSE: This study investigated the effect of different surface treatments and the effect of silane heat treatment with laser on the shear bond strength (SBS) of a nanoceramic composite to repaired hybrid CAD/CAM blocks.

MATERIALS AND METHODS: 60 hybrid CAD/CAM specimens (Cerasmart, GC) were prepared and randomly divided into six groups according to the different surface treatments (n = 10): group ER: Er:YAG laser+silane (Monobond Plus, Ivoclar Vivadent); group ER+SHT: Er:YAG laser+silane heat treatment; group B: bur+silane; group B+SHT: bur+silane heat treatment; group HF: hydrofluoric acid+silane; group HF+SHT: hydrofluoric acid+silane heat treatment. Afterwards, a universal adhesive (Universal Bond Quick, Kuraray) was applied, and nanoceramic resin composite (Zenit, President) cylinders were bonded to the Cerasmart specimens. They were thermocycled for 10,000 cycles (5-55°C) and subjected to SBS testing using a universal testing machine. Failure modes were examined with a stereomicroscope (15X). Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) was used to evaluate the surface topography (n = 2). The data were statistically analyzed using the Mann-Whitney U-test and the Kruskal-Wallis test (p < 0.05).

RESULTS: Regarding the surface treatments, group ER showed significantly lower SBS than groups B and HF (p < 0.05). Regarding the presence of silane heat treatment by laser, groups ER+SHT and B+SHT showed significantly lower SBS than group HF+SHT(p < 0.05). In addition, group B+SHT showed significantly lower SBS than did group B (p < 0.05).

CONCLUSION: Er:YAG laser treatment for repairing hybrid CAD/CAM blocks was not as effective as bur roughening or hydrofluoric acid etching. Silane heated by Er:YAG laser was incapable of significantly increasing the bond strength to repaired hybrid CAD/CAM blocks.

PMID:36920254 | DOI:10.3290/j.jad.b3956401

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