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Development and validation of a product acceptability questionnaire for intranasal Q-Griffithsin COVID-19 prophylaxis (SPRAY PAL)

BMJ Open. 2023 Sep 12;13(9):e073735. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2023-073735.


OBJECTIVES: Patient experiences are critical when determining the acceptability of novel interventional pharmaceuticals. Here, we report the development and validation of a product acceptability questionnaire (SPRAY PAL) assessing feasibility, acceptability and tolerability of an intranasal Q-Griffithsin (Q-GRFT) drug product designed for COVID-19 prophylaxis.

DESIGN: SPRAY PAL validation was undertaken as part of an ongoing phase 1 clinical trial designed to test the safety, pharmacokinetics and tolerability of intranasally administered Q-GRFT for the prevention of SARS-CoV-2 infection.

SETTING: The phase 1 clinical trial took place at a University Outpatient Clinical Trials Unit from November 2021 to September 2023.

PARTICIPANTS: The initial SPRAY PAL questionnaire was piloted among healthy volunteers ages 25 to 55 in phase 1a of the clinical trial (N=18) and revised for administration in phase 1b for participants ages 24-59 (N=22).

RESULTS: Spearman correlations tested convergent and discriminant validity. Internal consistency was assessed using Cronbach’s alpha, and test-retest reliability was assessed using intraclass correlation coefficients of responses collected from three repeated questionnaire administrations. The initial version demonstrated excellent internal consistency. The revised version demonstrated very good internal consistency after removal of one item (alpha=0.739). Excellent test-retest reliability (intraclass coefficient=0.927) and adequate convergent (r’s=0.208-0.774) and discriminant (r’s=0.123-0.392) validity were achieved. Subscales adequately distinguished between the constructs of acceptability, feasibility and tolerability.

CONCLUSIONS: The SPRAY PAL product acceptability questionnaire is a valid and reliable patient-reported outcomes measure that can be considered a credible tool for assessing patient-reported information about product acceptability, feasibility of use, tolerability of product and side effects and cost of product for novel intranasal drug formulations. The SPRAY PAL is generalisable, and items may be readily adapted to assess other intranasal formulations.


PMID:37699630 | DOI:10.1136/bmjopen-2023-073735

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