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Clinical and ultrasonographic findings associated with testicular infiltration in pediatric patients with leukemia

Cir Cir. 2023;91(5):698-702. doi: 10.24875/CIRU.22000004.


BACKGROUND: Testicular infiltration is infrequent in pediatric patients with leukemia and can be confused with other testicular conditions.

OBJECTIVE: To analyze the presence of clinical and radiological features suggestive of testicular disease and its histological association with leukemia infiltration.

METHOD: Retrospective and analytical observational study that included patients with diagnosis of leukemia who underwent biopsy for suspected testicular infiltration. The relationship with the variables analyzed were diagnosis, reason for taking the biopsy, ultrasound findings, stage of treatment, induration, increased volume and pain, with testicular infiltration.

RESULTS: Eighteen patients were included; 11 of them with microlithiasis, of which one 1 reported infiltration (odds ratio: 0.075; p = 0.026), no association was found between ultrasound findings and the presence of infiltration. Clinical findings were significantly associated with positive biopsies.

CONCLUSIONS: No risk association was found with the ultrasound findings such as microlithiasis and hypoechoic imaging. The clinically evident testicular disease (testicular enlargement and testicular induration) has a significant statistic association with the presence of leukemia infiltration.

PMID:37844902 | DOI:10.24875/CIRU.22000004

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