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Shear bond strength of permanent 3D-printed resin and milled zirconia to primary teeth using different luting agents

Am J Dent. 2023 Oct;36(5):239-245.


PURPOSE: To evaluate the shear bond strengths (SBS) of permanent 3D-printed resin (PR) to primary dentin using different luting agents.

METHODS: 90 primary teeth were prepared. 45 cylinders (3 x 3 mm) were printed using PR, and 45 cylinders were milled using a Z block (to control). The cylinders were bonded to primary dentin by using three types of luting agent [glass-ionomer cement (GIC), resin-modified glass-ionomer cement (RMGIC), and self-adhesive resin cement (SRC)]. The SBS values of the specimens were calculated, and the fracture modes were examined.

RESULTS: There was a statistically significant difference between the three different luting agents that were used to lute the PR to primary dentin (P< 0.001). Changing the material (PR or Z) did not affect the SBS values of the luting agents (P> 0.05). The adhesive failure between cement and dentin in the PR-SRC group was significantly higher than the other groups (P< 0.001). The SBS values of the newly developed PR to primary dentin with RMGIC and SRC were similar, but GIC showed lower values than the others.

CLINICAL SIGNIFICANCE: This laboratory study suggests that bond strength of the permanent 3D-printed resin can be like that of zirconia. As the resin-modified glass-ionomer cement and self-adhesive resin cement showed higher bond strength to primary teeth making the 3D-printed resin a treatment option.


By Nevin Manimala

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