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Supplementation of sulfate polysaccharides in the seminal cooling medium of common curimata (Prochilodus brevis)

Cryo Letters. 2023 Jul-Aug;44(4):208-218.


BACKGROUND: The use of sulfated polysaccharides (PS) in seminal cooling is known to improve seminal quality.

OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the effect of different concentrations of PS, extracted from the macroalgae Gracilaria domigensis as a supplement to the seminal cooling medium of the reophilic fish Prochilodus brevis (common curimatã).

MATERIALS AND METHODS: Five semen pools were diluted in ACP-104 (treatment T1), in BTS® (T2) and in BTS® with different concentrations of PS (0.5 [T3]; 1.0 [T4] and 1.5 [T5]). The samples were cooled for different times (0, 6, 24, 48, 72, 96 and 120 h) and after each hour they were analyzed for: morphology, membrane integrity, DNA integrity and sperm kinetics.

RESULTS: There were no significant differences between the treatments containing different concentrations of sulfated polysaccharides. Regarding the different cooling times, it was possible to observe that after hour 96, there was a reduction in the parameters of sperm kinetics. For DNA integrity there was no significant difference in relation to the treatments nor in relation to the hours. For membrane integrity, a reduction was noted as of hour 96, but there was no influence of polysaccharides. For the sperm morphology, there was no statistical difference between the hours, however the BTS was better than the ACP-104.

CONCLUSION: It is concluded that the use of polysaccharides in seminal cooling has no negative effect on sperm parameters and proves that seminal cooling keeps the material viable for up to 72 hours. Doi: 10.54680/fr23410110512.


By Nevin Manimala

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