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Accuracy and Precision of New Optical Biometer Designed for Myopia Management in Measurement of Ocular Biometry

Optom Vis Sci. 2023 Oct 30. doi: 10.1097/OPX.0000000000002078. Online ahead of print.


SIGNIFICANCE: This study provides information about the repeatability of Myopia Master and its agreement with Lenstar LS900, which might be useful for the practitioners involved in myopia management.

PURPOSE: Myopia Master is a new optical biometer that measures ocular biometry and refractive error. The purpose of this study is to assess its repeatability (intra-session and short-term inter-session) and its agreement with Lenstar LS900 for the measurement of axial length and corneal curvature.

METHODS: A total of 304 participants including 254 children (Mean age: 13.7 ± 1.6 years) and 50 adults (24 ± 2.9 years) underwent measurements on Myopia Master and Lenstar LS900 to obtain axial length (AL), flat K (K1), and steep K (K2). On a subset of 30 participants, measurements were obtained with Myopia Master in two sessions that were spread over 10 minutes to assess the short-term inter-session repeatability.

RESULTS: The mean standard deviation of Myopia Master in the measurement of axial length in the total sample was 0.01 mm for intra-session, when the best three measurements were considered. The short-term inter-session mean standard deviation for AL, K1, and K2 was 0.06 mm, 0.15 D, and 0.21 D respectively. There were statistically significant differences in mean values of AL (-0.04 ± 0.06 mm), K1 (-0.07 ± 0.15 D), and K2 (-0.24 ± 0.29 D) between Lenstar LS900 and Myopia Master with the Lenstar providing slightly longer axial length and steeper K values. Adults showed better repeatability with Myopia Master and better agreement between the biometers for AL measurement than children. Neither axial length nor refractive error influenced the repeatability or agreement.

CONCLUSIONS: Myopia Master is repeatable for the measurement of axial length and corneal curvature. Considering the differences in axial length between the Myopia Master and Lenstar LS900, caution must be applied when these biometers are used interchangeably.

PMID:37889981 | DOI:10.1097/OPX.0000000000002078

By Nevin Manimala

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