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Studies of sleep and therapeutic actions in children and adolescents with craniofacial anomalies

Andes Pediatr. 2023 Jan;94(1):37-44. doi: 10.32641/andespediatr.v94i1.4179.


OBJECTIVE: To describe the presence of obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS) in children with craniofacial anomalies (CFA), associate biodemographic characteristics and polygraph variables, and analyze the therapeutic management decided after the sleep study and the evaluation by a multidisciplinary team.

PATIENTS AND METHOD: Retrospective study. Polygraphs were performed on patients aged between 1 month and 19 years with CFA. An initial and projected management was established categorized into ventilatory support, tracheostomy, surgery, dental, and medical treatment. Descrip tive and inferential statistics were performed, evaluating the association between demographic and polygraph variables and therapeutic management.

RESULTS: 34 patients were included with a median age of 4.0 years (IQR 0.9 – 6.5). Diagnosis was 41.2% cleft lip and palate, 35.3% craniosynostosis, and 23.5% micrognathia. Polygraphs were altered in 70.6% of the cases; of these, 26.5% were diagnosed as mild, 5.9% moderate, and 38.2% severe OSAS. There was an association between minimum satu ration and diagnosis of OSAS (p = 0.0036), and in the presence of OSAS with the initial management applied (p=0.0013). There was no significant relationship between the different types of CFA with the initial therapeutic management (p = 0.6565). Initial and projected managements, respectively: Venti latory support (11.8% and 2.9%), tracheostomy (11.8% and 0%), surgery (35.2% and 26.5%), dental (20.6% and 53%), and medical treatment (20.6% and 17.6 %).

CONCLUSIONS: 70% of the patients with CFA presented OSAS. The greatest severity was found in Cleft Lip and Palatine and Craniosynostosis. Therapeutic management was mainly oriented towards initial surgical and planned dental treatments based on the diagnosis of OSAS and not on the type of CFA.

PMID:37906869 | DOI:10.32641/andespediatr.v94i1.4179

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