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Patau and Edwards Syndromes in a University Hospital: beyond palliative care

Rev Paul Pediatr. 2023 Dec 11;42:e2023053. doi: 10.1590/1984-0462/2024/42/2023053. eCollection 2023.


OBJECTIVE: To describe the newborn population with Patau (T13) and Edwards Syndrome (T18) with congenital heart diseases that stayed in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of a quaternary care hospital complex, regarding surgical and non-surgical medical procedures, palliative care, and outcomes.

METHODS: Descriptive case series conducted from January/2014 to December/2018 through analysis of records of patients with positive karyotype for T13 or T18 who stayed in the ICU of a quaternary hospital. Descriptive statistics analysis was applied.

RESULTS: 33 records of eligible patients were identified: 27 with T18 (82%), and 6 T13 (18%); 64% female and 36% male. Eight were preterm infants with gestational age between 30-36 weeks (24%), and only 4 among the 33 infants had a birth weight >2500 g (12%). Four patients underwent heart surgery and one of them died. Intrahospital mortality was 83% for T13, and 59% for T18. The majority had other malformations and underwent other surgical procedures. Palliative care was offered to 54% of the patients. The median hospitalization time for T18 and T13 was 29 days (range: 2-304) and 25 days (13-58), respectively.

CONCLUSIONS: Patients with T13 and T18 have high morbidity and mortality, and long hospital and ICU stays. Multicentric studies are needed to allow the analysis of important aspects for creating protocols that, seeking therapeutic proportionality, may bring better quality of life for patients and their families.

PMID:38088680 | DOI:10.1590/1984-0462/2024/42/2023053

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