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DriverMP enables improved identification of cancer driver genes

Gigascience. 2022 Dec 28;12:giad106. doi: 10.1093/gigascience/giad106.


BACKGROUND: Cancer is widely regarded as a complex disease primarily driven by genetic mutations. A critical concern and significant obstacle lies in discerning driver genes amid an extensive array of passenger genes.

FINDINGS: We present a new method termed DriverMP for effectively prioritizing altered genes on a cancer-type level by considering mutated gene pairs. It is designed to first apply nonsilent somatic mutation data, protein‒protein interaction network data, and differential gene expression data to prioritize mutated gene pairs, and then individual mutated genes are prioritized based on prioritized mutated gene pairs. Application of this method in 10 cancer datasets from The Cancer Genome Atlas demonstrated its great improvements over all the compared state-of-the-art methods in identifying known driver genes. Then, a comprehensive analysis demonstrated the reliability of the novel driver genes that are strongly supported by clinical experiments, disease enrichment, or biological pathway analysis.

CONCLUSIONS: The new method, DriverMP, which is able to identify driver genes by effectively integrating the advantages of multiple kinds of cancer data, is available at In addition, we have developed a novel driver gene database for 10 cancer types and an online service that can be freely accessed without registration for users. The DriverMP method, the database of novel drivers, and the user-friendly online server are expected to contribute to new diagnostic and therapeutic opportunities for cancers.

PMID:38091511 | DOI:10.1093/gigascience/giad106

By Nevin Manimala

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