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Professional identity and sense of coherence affect the between compassion fatigue and work engagement among Chinese hospital nurses

BMC Nurs. 2023 Dec 13;22(1):472. doi: 10.1186/s12912-023-01596-z.


BACKGROUND: With the continuous improvement of people’s health needs, the public’s requirements for medical care are also getting higher and higher. Work engagement is a positive psychological state related to the work. It is very important to maintain nurses’ work engagement, however, due to many factors, the level of nurses’ work engagement is not high and nursing managers should identify the influencing factors of work engagement, and take positive measures to fully improve nurses’ work engagement.

OBJECTIVES: To explore the influence of compassion fatigue, professional identity and sense of coherence on nurses’ work engagement.

METHODS: From January 2022 to June 2022, convenience sampling was used to select clinical nurses from 9 tertiary hospitals in Henan Province of China as the research objects for a questionnaire survey. Statistical methods included descriptive statistical analysis, Pearson correlation analysis and the PROCESS Macro Model 4 and 7 in regression analysis.

RESULTS: The results showed that compassion fatigue was significantly negatively correlated with sense of coherence, professional identity and work engagement (P<0.01), professional identity was significantly positively correlated with sense of coherence and work engagement (P<0.01), and there was a significant positive correlation between sense of coherence and work engagement (P<0.01). Professional identity played a partial mediating role between compassion fatigue and work engagement, accounting for 46.40% of the total effect; meanwhile, sense of coherence moderated the effect of compassion fatigue on professional identity and formed a moderated mediation model.

CONCLUSIONS: Compassion fatigue has a negative predictive effect on nurses’ work engagement. Professional identity and sense of coherence further explained the relationship of compassion fatigue on compassion fatigue and work engagement through mediating and moderating effects.

PMID:38093239 | DOI:10.1186/s12912-023-01596-z

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