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Novel waves structures for the nonclassical Sobolev-type equation in unipolar semiconductor with its stability analysis

Sci Rep. 2023 Dec 17;13(1):22452. doi: 10.1038/s41598-023-47838-7.


In this study, the Sobolev-type equation is considered analytically to investigate the solitary wave solutions. The Sobolev-type equations are found in a broad range of fields, such as ecology, fluid dynamics, soil mechanics, and thermodynamics. There are two novel techniques used to explore the solitary wave structures namely as; generalized Riccati equation mapping and modified auxiliary equation (MAE) methods. The different types of abundant families of solutions in the form of dark soliton, bright soliton, solitary wave solutions, mixed singular soliton, mixed dark-bright soliton, periodic wave, and mixed periodic solutions. The linearized stability of the model has been investigated. Solitons behave differently in different circumstances, and their behaviour can be better understood by building unique physical problems with particular boundary conditions (BCs) and starting conditions (ICs) based on accurate soliton solutions. So, the choice of unique physical problems from various solutions is also carried out. The 3D, line graphs and corresponding contours are drawn with the help of the Mathematica software that explains the physical behavior of the state variable. This information can help the researchers in their understanding of the physical conditions.

PMID:38105278 | DOI:10.1038/s41598-023-47838-7

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