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Risk factors and prognosis of pediatric rhegmatogenous retinal detachment in Egypt: a university hospital based study

Int J Ophthalmol. 2023 Dec 18;16(12):2034-2040. doi: 10.18240/ijo.2023.12.16. eCollection 2023.


AIM: To study and compare the predisposing factors and clinical features of pediatric, adult, and elderly rhegmatogenous retinal detachment (RRD).

METHODS: This is an observational analytic cross-sectional study in which patients with RRD admitted for surgery during 6mo period were divided into 3 age groups: pediatric (<18y), adult (18-60y), and elderly (>60y). Patients’ demographic data, clinical features, RRD predisposing factors/features including myopia (axial length ≥26.5 mm), aphakia/pseudophakia, blunt trauma, peripheral retinal degenerations, history of RRD in the fellow eye, and surgical interventions/findings were recorded and analyzed.

RESULTS: Totally 142 patients (142 eyes) were studied: 26 (18.31%) pediatrics, 86 (60.56%) adults, and 30 (21.13%) elderly. Elderly patients had a significantly higher intraocular pressures and cataracts compared to the other 2 groups (P=0.04). The RRD extent was larger in pediatric group (mostly 4 quadrants) compared to adults and elderly (mostly 2 quadrants), but it was not statistically insignificant (P=0.242). There were not statistically significantly differences in proliferative vitreoretinopathy (PVR) rate, posterior vitreous detachment (PVD) rate, number, site, shape, and size of breaks in three groups. All three groups had macular detachment in all eyes. Myopia and peripheral retinal degenerations were found to be more significant in adults (P=0.049, P=0.035, respectively), while blunt trauma was higher but insignificant in pediatric eyes (P=0.052). Pars plana vitrectomy (PPV) with silicone oil as a tamponade was the most used surgery in all groups.

CONCLUSION: There are no significant difference in PVR rate in pediatric eyes but a significant higher rate of total RRD. Blunt trauma is more frequent in pediatrics eyes while myopia and/or peripheral retinal degenerations are more frequent in older ages. The rate of PPV as a choice for surgery is similar among all age groups.

PMID:38111951 | PMC:PMC10700087 | DOI:10.18240/ijo.2023.12.16

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