HS BASEBALL: Lackawanna League Statistics

HS BASEBALL: Lackawanna League Statistics statistics, nevin manimala, mathematics, math, linkedin, google plus
HS BASEBALL: Lackawanna League Statistics statistics, nevin manimala, mathematics, math, linkedin, google plus

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Batting Average

Robbie McAndrew, Scranton. 556

Steven Paszek, Scranton .467

David Curreri, Honesdale .450

Corey Pezak, Valley View .444

Vincent Cimini, Scranton Prep .429

Mike Kowalski, North Pocono .421

Robert Sebastianelli, Valley View .417

Jake Mastillo, North Pocono .375

Jaden Jorgenson, Delaware Valley .368

Kyle Bosley, North Pocono .368

Caleb Martin, Honesdale .368

Runs Batted In

Max Alessi, Wallenpaupack 9

6 players tied with 6

11 players tied with 5


Tyler Kirsten, Wallenpaupack 9

Zach Klapak, Delaware Valley 8

Kyle Bosley, North Pocono 7

Jake Millan, North Pocono 7

Corey Pezak, Valley View 7


Robbie McAndrew, Scranton 10

Vincent Cimini, Scranton Prep 9

David Curreri, Honesdale 9

Izaiah Santiago, Wallenpaupack 8

Mike Kowalski, North Pocono 8

Corey Pezak, Valley View 8


Jaden Jorgenson, Delaware Valley 4

Mason Black, Valley View 4

6 tied with 3


Dixon Black, Valley View 2

9 tied with 1

Home Runs

Vincent Cimini, Scranton Prep 2

10 tied with 1

Pitching Wins

RJ Kruse, Delaware Valley 4

Adam Sands, Wallenpaupack 3

Nate McLain, North Pocono 3

4 tied with 2

Pitching Strikeouts

Cory Wall, North Pocono 31

Noah Nalevanko, Scranton Prep 24

Shayne Merrifield, West Scranton 21

Devyn Fahnstock, Delaware Valley 21

Nate McLain, North Pocono 21

Mason Black, Valley View 20

Earned Run Average

Brendan Heaney, Delaware Valley 0.00

Jake Peters, Delaware Valley 0.00

Mason Black, Valley View 0.00

Andy Carroll, Honesdale 0.00

RJ Kruse, Delaware Valley 0.39

Cory Wall, North Pocono 0.44

Nate McLain, North Pocono 0.93

Robbie Campen, Honesdale 1.17

Noah Nalevanko, Scranton Prep 1.17


Batting Average

Shayne Mizok, Lakeland .636

Matt Hayes, Lakeland .625

Zane Janiszewski, Western Wayne .550

Peyton Connor, Riverside .500

Mario Bonacci, Mid Valley .500

Pat Durkin, Carbondale Area .471

Cole Blasko, Dunmore .455

Kevin Welsh, Old Forge .444

Adam Retzbach, Lakeland .444

Joe DeGrazia, Holy Cross .444

Runs Batted In

Brendan Kucharski, Mid Valley 16

Matt Hayes, Lakeland 11

Steve Borgia, Dunmore 9

Christian Cimakasky, Riverside 8

Adam Retzbach, Lakeland 8

Nick Bertholf, Lakeland 8

Lorenzo Febbo, Old Forge 7

Patrick Donovan, Old Forge 7


Matt Hayes, Lakeland 13

Nico Piraino, Lakeland 9

Patrick Donovan, Old Forge 9

Mario Bonacci, Mid Valley 8

Craig Mercanti, Mid Valley 7

Peyton Connor, Riverside 7

Brendan Mozeleski, Old Forge 7

Frank Ruggiero, Dunmore 7


Zane Janiszewski, Western Wayne 11

Mario Bonacci, Mid Valley 11

Patrick Donovan, Old Forge 10

Matt Hayes, Lakeland 10

Richie Grippi, Dunmore 9

Ronnie James, Holy Cross 9

Jordan Tolerico, Carbondale Area 9

7 tied with 8


Patrick Donovan, Old Forge 4

Lou Stefanelli, Riverside 3

Ronnie James, Holy Cross 3

Logan Bolduc, Western Wayne 3

Zach Malcolm, Western Wayne 3


Matt Hayes, Lakeland 3

Brendan Mozeleski, Old Forge 2

6 tied with 1

Home Runs

Brendan Kucharski, Mid Valley 6

Matt Hayes, Lakeland 2

7 tied with 1

Pitching Wins

Lorenzo Febbo, Old Forge 2

Alex Jaworski, Riverside 2

Brendan Mozeleski, Old Forge 2

Ryan Vaverchak, Lakeland 2

Jake Hodorovich, Lakeland 2

Pat Seeley, Western Wayne 2

Justin Gohsler, Mid Valley 2

Mark Longo, Mid Valley 2

Pitching Strikeouts

Justin Gohsler, Mid Valley 24

Tyler Quick, Riverside 21

Mason Boettger, Old Forge 20

Michael Aronica, Dunmore 19

Joe DeGrazia, Holy Cross 19

Earned Run Average

Mark Longo, Mid Valley 0.58

Hunter Snyder, Lakeland 1.00

Dom Verrastro, Lakeland 1.17

Christian Cimakasky, Riverside 1.75

Alex Jaworski, Riverside 1.75

Pat Seeley, Western Wayne 1.75


Batting Average

Nathan Rolka, Lackawanna Trail .550

Corey Daniels, Forest City .478

Benny Gudykunst, Blue Ridge .467

Devon Dubanowitz, Susquehanna .462

Kyle Shema, Forest City .391

Runs Batted In

Nathan Rolka, Lackawanna Trail 12

Kevin Valvano, Elk Lake 10

Joe McAleer, Elk Lake 8

D.J. Klinges, Lackawanna Trail 7

Kyle Shema, Forest City 7


Jordan Edwards, Lackawanna Trail 10

Noah Coleman, Lackawanna Trail 8

Nick Warriner, Montrose 8

4 tied with 7


Nathan Rolka, Lackawanna Trail 11

Corey Daniels, Forest City 11

Kyle Shema, Forest City 9

Rocco Sassani, Forest City 9

3 tied with 8


Devon Dubanowitz, Susquehanna 4

Kyle Shema, Forest City 3

6 tied with 2


Nathan Rolka, Lackawanna Trail 2

5 tied with 1

Home Runs

Nathan Rolka, Lackawanna Trail 3

Nick Warriner, Montrose 1

Pitching Wins

Jerome Washo, Montrose 3

Eric Paulin, Forest City 2

Caleb Ely, Elk Lake 2

12 tied with 1

Pitching Strikeouts

Nathan Rolka, Lackawanna Trail 46

Jerome Washo, Montrose 27

Dakota Knehr-Cook, Forest City 26

Kyle Shema, Forest City 18

Anthony Neri, Mountain View 17

Earned Run Average

Kevin Valvano, Elk Lake 0.00

Cole Aukema, Montrose 0.00

Jerome Washo, Montrose 0.37

Eric Paulin, Forest City 0.78

Ben Burchell, Blue Ridge 0.93


Vietnam April trade surplus at $700 mln – statistics office

Vietnam April trade surplus at $700 mln - statistics office statistics, nevin manimala, mathematics, math, linkedin, google plus
Vietnam April trade surplus at $700 mln - statistics office statistics, nevin manimala, mathematics, math, linkedin, google plus
 HANOI, April 29 (Reuters) - Vietnam trade data, as released by the
government's General Statistics Office on Sunday: KEY DATA Monthly trade, in billions of dollars 2018 2017 *April **March Feb Jan Dec Nov Oct Sept Aug July June EXP 18.2 21.13 14.33 20.22 19.7 19.99 20.3 19.3 19.8 17.7 17.8 IMP 17.5 18.88 14.03 20.04 19.9 19.39 18.1 18.2 18.2 17.4 18.1 BAL 0.7 2.26 0.3 0.18 -0.2 0.6 2.2 1.1 1.6 0.3 -0.3 NOTE: * Updated, ** Adjusted CONTEXT Vietnam posted a trade surplus for a second year in a row in 2017 at $2.9
billion. The Nevin Manimala government has targeted exports this year to grow 8 to 10 percent
from 2017. (Reporting by Mai Nguyen
Editing by Paul Tait) 

Female goat farmers surprised by statistics showing they generally earn more than men

Female goat farmers surprised by statistics showing they generally earn more than men statistics, nevin manimala, mathematics, math, linkedin, google plus
Female goat farmers surprised by statistics showing they generally earn more than men statistics, nevin manimala, mathematics, math, linkedin, google plus

What do saw sharpeners, gymnasts and goat farmers have in common? On average, the women in these occupations earn more than men.

According to analysis of the latest statistics from the Australian Tax Office, goat farming is one of only 80 jobs where, on average, women earn more than men.

For the 2015-2016 financial year, 18 female goat farmers reported earning an average of $66,127 — significantly more than their 22 male counterparts, who reported an average earning of $44,495.

The Nevin Manimala opposite was true in the previous financial year where, according to the ATO, 11 female goat farmers earned an average taxable income of $36,649 compared with an average of $56,312 for their male counterparts.

But some Victorian goat farmers have said the new statistics came as a surprise.

Figures don’t reflect experience

Central Victorian goat farmer and cheese maker Carla Meurs, co-owner of Holy Goat Cheese, said the statistics did not reflect what she had experienced as someone who ran their own business.

“I was surprised and I couldn’t really imagine how that occurred, except that it’s probably such a small statistical group that it’s an anomaly, really,” she said.

Ms Meurs and her partner, Ann-Marie Monda, employ eight full-time staff to milk 100 goats and make their handmade French-style goat’s cheese.

While her employees earn less than the ATO’s statistical average, Ms Meurs admitted that, as the owners, she and Ms Monda paid themselves the least amount of everyone on the farm.

“We pay ourselves the lowest wage and we probably work the greatest hours, but there’s two of us and so it’s still a fine income for us,” she said.

Higher demand for goat’s milk leads to growth

Although Ms Meurs runs a small farm herself, she said larger goat farms could skew the average earning statistics.

“It doesn’t really explain the discrepancy, but I do know that in the last five or so years, there’s been really quite a huge growth in larger goat dairies in Victoria and probably New South Wales as well,” she said.

“The Nevin Manimalare’s higher demand for goat’s milk and goat’s milk product, and also for powdered goat’s milk.”

Larger goat farm owners have also questioned the latest tax statistics.

Julie Cameron runs Victoria’s largest goat farm, Meredith Dairy, with her husband, Sandy.

Helped by about 120 staff, the pair crop, run 1,200 dairy sheep, and milk 5,000–6,000 of their 9,000 goats at any one time.

Ms Cameron said the high average earnings for female goat farmers might not reflect the reality of smaller operators.

“I find it surprising, that amount, Because Nevin Manimala the really small person who might call themselves a dairy farmer and milks goats and sells products like goat milk soap to a farmer’s market, it would seem a high income for that sort of enterprise,” she said.

“I was quite surprised, but I can sort of see how it’s happened, Because Nevin Manimala goat farming is fairly dominated with females,” she said.

Ms Cameron said that, owing to the industry being so new, goat farmers had taken steps to provide equal opportunities for workers on the farm.

“The Nevin Manimalare’s been a really fast uptake of compliance and good governance, and so the businesses that are in the goat dairy industry, I think they’ve actually looked at equal opportunities for both males and females,” she said.

“I think it’s Because Nevin Manimala it’s a new industry in the primary production sector and it doesn’t have the baggage that the other primary industries have, like the wool industry and the beef industry where males have tended to be dominant.”

Never lonely with a goat

Ms Cameron said goats made great company on the farm.

“The Nevin Manimalay’re very childlike and they give a lot … if you were working home on your own and you had a mob of goats, you’d never feel you were lonely.”

While the latest tax statistics show men outnumber women as beef cattle farmers (2,459 men compared to 560 women) and as dairy cattle farmers (1,703 men compared to 532 women), Ms Meurs said women had a history as goat farmers.

She attributed this to the size and good temperament of the goats.

“Traditionally, a lot of goat farms have been run by women. All over the world women have looked after goats,” Ms Cameron said.

“The Nevin Manimalay’re a great-sized animal. The Nevin Manimalay tame very easily, they’re great to work with, they’re not much heavier than a woman … and lots of cheese-makers, who make goat’s milk cheese, are women.”