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Comparable outcomes of decompensated chronic hepatitis B patients treated with entecavir or tenofovir: an 8-year cohort study

Hepatol Int. 2022 Jun 14. doi: 10.1007/s12072-022-10357-0. Online ahead of print.


BACKGROUND/AIMS: Whether the efficacies of entecavir (ETV) and tenofovir disoproxil fumarate (TDF) in treating liver-related outcomes of decompensated chronic hepatitis B (CHB) patients are comparable remained inconclusive.

METHODS: An 8-year cohort study of 736 decompensated CHB patients was conducted, and 65 TDF-treated patients were sex, age and model for end-stage liver disease (MELD) scores-1:4 matched with 260 ETV-treated patients through propensity score-matching method.

RESULTS: Of 736 patients, 574 (78%) were male, with a mean age of 54.3 years, 438 (59.5%) had cirrhosis, 147 (20%) were positive for HBeAg, and 84 (11.6%) and 652 (88.4%) were treated with TDF and ETV, respectively. The 652 ETV-treated patients were older, had higher baseline MELD score and rates of encephalopathy, but lower ALT levels than the 84 TDF-treated patients. No significant differences were observed in the cumulative incidences of liver-related mortality or liver transplantation (1-month, 18.45 vs. 14.01%, p = 0.368; 8-year, 39.74 vs. 34.24%, p = 0.298), and hepatocellular carcinoma development (5-year, 7.21 vs.13.17%, p = 0.994; 8-year, 11.60 vs.13.17%, p = 0.857) between the matched 260 ETV- and 65 TDF-treated patients, regardless of time points. Baseline MELD score (subdistribution hazard ratio (sHR): 1.063; 95% confidence interval (CI) of sHR: 1.016-1.112) and hepatic encephalopathy (sHR: 5.127; 95% CI sHR: 3.032-8.669) were independently associated with liver-related mortality or liver transplantation in the matched patients.

CONCLUSIONS: ETV and TDF had comparable efficacy in the short- and long-term liver-related outcomes of decompensated CHB patients, and baseline liver reserve was associated with the outcomes.

PMID:35699864 | DOI:10.1007/s12072-022-10357-0

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