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Abutment margin levels and residual cement occurrence in cement-retained implant restorations: an observational study

Clin Oral Implants Res. 2022 Oct 24. doi: 10.1111/clr.14015. Online ahead of print.


OBJECTIVES: To evaluate the association between different vertical levels of the abutment margin and residual cement prevalence in cement-retained implant restorations with customized abutments.

METHODS: One hundred and nine single-unit cement-retained implant restorations with a screw-access channel were included. The crowns were intraorally cemented on the abutments, and excess cement was removed. The abutment-crown complex was unscrewed, and the abutment-crown complex and peri-implant tissue were photographed. Residual cement presence was recorded by dividing the abutment-crown complex and peri-implant tissue into 4 quadrants: mesial, distal, buccal, and lingual. The prevalence of residual cement was compared according to the height of the custom abutment margin of the corresponding quadrant. A multilevel model was used for statistical analysis (α=.05).

RESULTS: Cement remnants were discovered on 72.48% of the dental implants. When the restoration quadrants were compared, cement remnants were present on 51.38%, 39.45%, 20.18%, and 17.43% of the mesial, distal, buccal, and lingual surfaces, respectively (P<.01). Regarding the abutment margin level, cement residues were found in 60.22% and 61.4% of the 0.5 mm subgingival and ≥1 mm subgingival margin groups, respectively, which were significantly more than those in the supragingival (23.65%) and equigingival (26.59%) margin groups (P<.01). After adjustment for confounding factors, the adjusted odds ratio (with 95% confidence interval) for residual cement in the subgingival margin groups was 3.664 (1.71, 7.852) when compared to the supragingival and equigingival margin groups.

CONCLUSIONS: The risk of residual cement occurrence was 3.66-fold higher with a subgingival abutment margin than with supragingival and equigingival abutment margins.

PMID:36278423 | DOI:10.1111/clr.14015

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