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Development and validation of a novel Spectrofluorimetric method of oral anticoagulant Edoxaban via derivatization with 9-fluorenyl methyl chloroformate: green assessment of the method by Eco-Scale and ComplexGAPI

BMC Chem. 2022 Nov 23;16(1):102. doi: 10.1186/s13065-022-00890-2.


A precise, sensitive eco-friendly, simple, rapid, and derivative spectrofluorimetric method was developed to quantify edoxaban tosylate monohydrate in pure form and pharmaceutical dosage form. Sudden death due to pulmonary embolism as a consequence of coronavirus infection (covid-19) is an emerging problem. As a result, the world health organization introduced new guidelines to treat patients with COVID-19 with oral anticoagulants. Edoxaban tosylate monohydrate is an oral anticoagulant that doesn’t require hospitalization after dose adjustment. This spectrofluorimetric method relies on the derivatization by 9-fluorenyl methyl chloroformate at room temperature in borate buffer pH 9.0. After excitation at 265 nm, the product is highly fluorescent at 309 nm. Many experimental factors influencing the reaction’s stability and development were thoroughly investigated and optimized. The method validation was evaluated by using ICH guidelines and showed high precision and accuracy with an average percent recovery of 101.46% ± 1.02. The linear range was 5.0-50.0 ng/mL with a correlation coefficient of 0.9999, the LOD was 1.5 ng/mL, and the LOQ was 4.5 ng/mL. The green assessment of the method was achieved utilizing the eco-scale and the Green Analytical Procedure Index. There was no significant difference between the results of the suggested method and those of the reported method according to Statistical analysis.

PMID:36424617 | DOI:10.1186/s13065-022-00890-2

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